Thursday, 22 November 2007

Breakfast ideas

I try to keep P's breakfasts wide and varied so that she is not the type of kid who eats the same cereal day in and day out.

When P was first weaning, she would always have some sort of fruit puree for breakfast. Being obsessive compulsive, I would ensure that she wouldn't have the same puree more than once a week. Fruit purees are often the easiest to do I've found, as many are soft and don't need steamed/boiled beforehand. A lot of fruits cannot be cut/peeled prior to the meal either, thus neccessitating immediate preparation.

After she was a bit more confident with textures and chewing, we introduced crushed organic Weetabix with mashed banana, which P has a few times a week for breakfast now. I don't always just add banana, but any other fresh fruits I have to hand. I should think that there are quite a few other low-sugar cereals that are similar if you can't get Weetabix, for instance, Shredded Wheat.

We are also lucky enough to have a new product available here called My First Muesli, by Cow and Gate. It's a muesli (go figure) with just enough texture, plus it has no added sugar or salt. I remember looking for low-sugar muesli for myself a couple of years ago, and I was appalled at how much sugar content most of them had! I'm glad that P can gain all the nutrients that muesli provides without all the sugar. For flavour I add fresh fruit to this too. For extra calcium, some plain Greek yoghurt.

Another handy breakfast food, especially as we are entering the winter months, is porridge, or as Americans would say, oatmeal. I buy a really cheap pack of porridge oats, just add milk, heat it up, and then add either fresh fruit, or fruit puree. Depending on the fruit, I sometimes add a little cinnamon as well. P loves it, and it seems like such a lovely, cosy meal to start a cold day.
If the oatmeal is too textured, just whiz it in the food processor/blender to achieve the required consistency.

Are there any specific breakfasts your babies/toddlers adore?


electriclady said...

We do oatmeal plus fruit every day--I use Earth's Best baby oatmeal, but now that BG is getting into textures more, I want to see if she likes regular cooked grown-up oatmeal. Am thinking my beloved steel-cut oats might be too much for her, but maybe instant would work well.

As for the fruit, am currently on a rotation of mango, blueberries, peach, and pear. Pear is the only one I cook and puree. Since blueberries and peaches are out of season here I buy frozen organic and just thaw as needed and mush with a fork (thawed frozen fruit mushes better than fresh, actually). Mango I either cut up myself and freeze in slices or buy a bag of frozen chunks.

Magpie said...

when mine was little, i'd grind a ripe juicy peach in the grinder, and thicken it with a little baby oatmeal.

now she's bigger, and likes "pink yogurt" - which is defrosted frozen berries smashed with plain yogurt using the hand blender. it's like a smoothie.

Nic said...

Crumpets. Ant loves crumpets!

On another note, if you ladies could talk a bit about how you get your kids to eat red meat, that would be great! Ant isn't interested, so I'm at a bit of a loss.

If you're still posting here ;-)

notfinishedyet said...

Thanks for the great ideas! This blog is great! Keep up the good work!

~ Emily

T said...

Alright A still likes weetabix, but I'm thinking P is beyond puree now? Did a great blueberry oatmeal muffin today that she loved.

MoziEsmé said...

Oh I so wish mine would eat ANYthing. Except for chips and rice, there is very little that I can count on her to eat consistently. Oats work - a couple of bites - one day, but definitely not the next, and not for another month or so. Yogurt has never worked. Fruits rarely work - even sweets don't work. She's not skinny, but she's still not weaned and I'm not sure where she's going to get her calories once that happens.

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Ji said...

So, how is everything now?
You baby is 3 years old, right?

thank you for sharing those precious moments with us...
happy new year,