Friday, 31 August 2007

Co-pilot Pru's tale

I was breastfed until I was 14 months old, a fact my Mum is proud to tell anyone who will listen. Unfortunately my plans to breastfeed were scuppered when my daughter (P) was born last year at 36 weeks lacking the ability and drive to suck properly. Given my failure to breastfeed her, I swore that I would make a concerted effort to prepare most of her food myself when she was weaning.

I sat at Borders scrupulously perusing the assortment of baby/child cookbooks and decided on a few to use to make each of P's meals for as long as she didn't eat the same meals as my husband and me. I sometimes randomly devise recipes of my own, and I warn you that some are rather strange. Chicken and nectarine anyone?

I have been successfully preparing, freezing, and defrosting for over 7 months now in the hopes that young P will develop a more diverse and experimental palate than I, and so far so good. The notorious picky stage that is to come may debunk my theory of varied foods for baby mean a more daring adult eater, but we shall see.

I found that googling didn't yield as many results for recipes and advice as I had hoped, so here we are. Bear in mind we are in no way experts, just a Mom and a Mum who spend lots of time in a kitchen preparing baby food that meets with mixed results. As Kristi mentioned, please feel free to send us your own recipes and ideas!

Buon appetito babies!